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Собибор (2018) (Sobibor)

Based On a True Story That Changed The World
Драма / История / Война • 110 минут
В ролях: Konstantin Khabenskiy Christopher Lambert Michalina Olszańska Felice Jankell Mariya Kozhevnikova Dainius Kazlauskas Philippe Reinhardt Maximilian Dirr и другие.
Выпущен • 3 мая 2018 г.

Based on the true story, international historical project “Sobibor” is dedicated to the heroism of the Soviet o cer Alexander Pechersky. During the great Patriotic war, being in a Nazi concentration camp Sobibor he managed to do the impossible — for only three weeks to organize a revolt and mass escape of the prisoners. Part of the escapees were caught and shot, and the rest led by Pechersky managed to escape and joined the partisans.